Operation “7 Days with the Media 2024” launched with over a hundred students in attendance


Hate Speeches – PEACE in Times of War” is the central theme of this initiative, which runs from May 3 to 9.

The “7 Days with the Media 2024″ operation has been launched. The central theme of this edition is ” Hate Speech – PEACE in Times of War”.

The initiative kicked off on January 23, 2024, at the Orlando Ribeiro Library Auditorium in Lisbon, and was attended by over a hundred students from five schools in the capital: Agrupamento de Escolas das Piscinas, Agrupamento de Escolas Vergílio Ferreira, Agrupamento de Escolas de Benfica, Agrupamento de Escolas das Laranjeiras and Agrupamento de Escolas D. Filipa de Lencastre. Although it was a face-to-face event, itcan also be followed on streaming and can be viewed on GILM’s YouTube channel.

The first moment was marked by the participation of members of GILM who, in addition to thanking those present online and offline, had the task of presenting the 7 Days with the Media initiative and highlighting the theme chosen for this year’s edition. This was followed by a presentation of figures on online hate speech by Tomás Grencho, from Linha Internet Segura. This framework would be the motto for the debate that followed, which focused precisely on the theme of Hate Speeches – PEACE in Times of War”.

Journalist Francisco Sena Santos moderated a panel of guests made up of António Mateus, a journalist from RTP, Maria Inácia Rezola, Executive Commissioner of the Commission to Commemorate 50 Years of April 25, Marisa Torres da Silva, Professor at FCSH / Universidade Nova, and Tomás Grencho, from Linha Internet Segura.

Racism, xenophobia, the war in Ukraine, the limitation of freedom during the Estado Novo, hate speech and its consequences were the points covered in this session, which elicited strong participation from the students.

After the debate, João Lopes – from the Digital Leaders project and a young ambassador for the initiative – called on everyone to take part in the “7 Days with the Media 2024” operation, adding that everyone can contribute to “changing the world”. His presentation, which was also marked by questions from the students present, was followed by the presentation of the video launching the initiative.

In logistical terms, the launch event was supported by the Lumiar Parish Council, the Lisbon Library Network and students from the Eça de Queirós School (Lisbon) from the Multimedia and Events Organization courses. In addition to the GILM team, two multimedia teachers from the School of Social Communication also collaborated in streaming the event.

As in previous editions, the 12th edition of the 7 Days with the Media operation also has the support of media partners Antena 1, Lusa, Público, Público na Escola and RTP.

The “7 Days with the Media 2024” operation, promoted by the Informal Group on Media Literacy, has been taking place since 2013, always in the same week – between May 3rd (World Press Freedom Day) and May 9th.

This year’s central theme, ” Hate Speeches – PEACE in Times of War”, proposes critical reflection and openness to multiple approaches, including:

– Hate speech on social media

– The media and journalism in the promotion of peace discourses

– The limits of freedom of expression in a democracy

– Individual responsibility in producing and sharing content online

– The power of visual narratives in raising awareness of peace

– Artificial intelligence and the manipulation of reality

As usual, the 2024 initiative will include all projects/activities and initiatives on a wide range of topics that aim to promote and develop knowledge about the media world.

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Photo coverage of the launch event for 7 Days with the Media 2024

Photo credits: João Bica

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