Operation 7 Days with the Media 2024 – launch event in Lisbon on January 23rd


Next Tuesday, January 23, 2024, between 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., GILM (Informal Group on Media Literacy)1 will promote the launch of Operation “7 Days with the Media 2024” in the auditorium of the Orlando Ribeiro Library, in Lisbon (Telheiras), in an event open to the public.

The initiative, which since 2013 has established itself as the Portuguese week dedicated to promoting media education and media literacy, is celebrated annually from May 3 to 9, starting on World Press Freedom Day.

At a time marked by economic, political, social and technological challenges, the 12th edition of this operation promoted by GILM has chosen “Hate Speech – PEACE in Times of War” as its central theme.

A representative of the Safe Internet Line will present some recent data on hate speech in Portugal, collected as part of the activity of this service of the Safe Internet Center. This presentation will serve as a starting point for a wide-ranging debate on the problem and possible solutions to tackle it, moderated by journalist Francisco Sena Santos.

The participants in the round table are: António Mateus, RTP journalist; Maria Inácia Rezola, Executive Commissioner of the 50 Years of April 25 Commemorative Commission; Marisa Torres da Silva, Professor at FCSH / Universidade Nova; a soccer player from the National Team and a representative of the Safe Internet Line.

This debate will provide a multidisciplinary view on this year’s theme, bringing together perspectives from different sectors, including journalism, academia, sport and digital security. During this round table, which promotes an open and constructive dialog, the audience will have the opportunity to interact directly with the guests, actively participating through questions and comments.

Operation “7 Days with the Media” in 2024 is being renewed for this 12th edition, and the new image will be presented at the opening of the event on January 23rd.

Considering that in our day-to-day lives and throughout our lives, we all relate to the media universe (press, radio, television, cinema, internet), this initiative continues to aim to involve a growing and diverse number of participants. The event will therefore be broadcast online on GILM’s YouTube channel.

The central theme of 2024, “Hate Speeches PEACE in Times of War”, proposes critical reflection and openness to multiple approaches, including:

  •  Hate speech on social media
  • The media and journalism in the promotion of peace discourses
  • The limits of freedom of expression in a democracy 
  • Individual responsibility in producing and sharing content online
  • The power of visual narratives in raising awareness of peace
  • Artificial intelligence and the manipulation of reality

As usual, the 2024 initiative will include all projects/activities and initiatives on a wide range of topics that aim to promote and develop knowledge about the media world.

Starting on January 23, 2024, GILM is challenging all citizens in the most varied contexts (school, professional, personal) to find ways to get involved and actively participate in Operation #7diascomosmedia2024, between May 3 and 9, 2024.

For further clarifications, questions or detailed information about the event, the “7 Days with the Media 2024” Operation or ways to participate, please contact the organization at the following email address: 7diascomosmedia@gilm.pt

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