Operation 7 days with the media

The initiative wants to encourage everyone to take part!

In 2012, during one of GILM’s usual plenary meetings, the idea arose to promote a one-day initiative that would encourage the participation of society in general in the active promotion of media education and media literacy, through the sharing of activities/projects. Thus was born the idea of “A Day with the Media”, which would be put into practice on May 3 of that year, the date chosen because it was World Press Freedom Day celebrated by the UN.

The good reception given to the 2012 initiative by all those behind it was the decisive impetus for the following year’s launch of the “7 Days with the Media”, that is, an entire week symbolically dedicated to promoting a better knowledge of the universe of the mediaIt starts on May 3rd and ends on May 9th.

7 Days with the Media 2013 was the year of the first edition of what GILM now considers to be one of its most emblematic initiatives and which, over time, it began to present as Operation 7 Days with the Media. With its annual edition scheduled for the same week of the year – May 3 to 9 – this initiative has seen the participation of various social actors, although those from the education sector – schools, school libraries, universities – are the most frequent.

Aimed at society in general, it remains part of the general objectives of this week to increasingly broaden the number and diversity of participants. That’s why we continue to count on everyone and the projects/activities promoted by those who have already taken part remain on the Operation website to serve as inspiration for future editions!

Logo adopted by GILM for the “7 days with the Media” initiative. It was used as the brand for this operation between the 1st and 11th editions, i.e. between 2013 and 2023.

Image from the 2020 special edition, produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This edition was the first to have personalities from different areas actively promoting the initiative.

Image from the 2022 special edition, the year in which 7 Days with the Media celebrated its first decade of existence.

Rebranding of the 2013 logo adopted by GILM in 2024 as the new image. Formally presented as the new image of the 7 Days with the Media operation at the launch of the 12th edition, held on January 23, 2024, at the Orlando Ribeiro Library in Lisbon.

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