About FILM

Six years after it was founded, GILM decided to open up to more collaboration/articulation with partners other than its permanent members. FILMInformal Forum on Media Literacy– was born from this desire, an idea that, as we shall see, would eventually evolve into FILM in the plural.

In the words of Professor Manuel Pinto (one of the group’s founding members), the idea was to create a kind of “second ring” in which anyone who showed an interest in collaborating in the mission to promote better levels of media literacy could take part.

In fact, in the history of this initiative, it’s fair to say that FILM, as it was envisioned in 2016, at the time of the first meeting, would turn out differently. In other words, instead of being a group of partners who meet once or twice a year, it ended up turning into discussion forums dedicated to specific themes, promoted in conjunction with different partners.

In 2021, after a period of restructuring, GILM partly took up this idea of a “second ring” and created a council of experts in media education/media literacy and representatives of institutions with an interest and work in the area.

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