7th National Meeting on Media Education on May 9, 2024 – Registration now open!

Next day May 9, 2024 – the final day of Media Week and Europe Day – will see the 7th National Meeting on Media Education, with the theme “Young people, social networks, disinformationand intolerance“, an initiative of the Directorate-General for Education in partnership with the Grupo Informal de Literacia Mediática, TSF Rádio Notícias, Jornal PÚBLICO […]

Ambassadors 7 Days with the Media 2024

The faces and voices that support and help bring this Operation dedicated to everyone to more people! For twelve years, Operation 7 Days with the Media has been trying to reach out to the general public. A mission not always easy to achieve. The “Operation Ambassadors” are people (in their individual name or representing an […]

Film Literacy Matinee to kick off 7 Days with Media 2024

“A difficult class” – Film screening and(m) debate open to the community from a school in Lisbon Who wants to join a movie matinee on May 3rd? The invitation is made by the Informal Group on Media Literacy (GILM) in partnership with the National Film Plan (PNC) on the afternoon of the first day of […]

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