Ambassadors 7 Days with the Media 2024


For twelve years, Operation 7 Days with the Media has been trying to reach out to the general public. A mission not always easy to achieve. The “Operation Ambassadors” are people (in their individual name or representing an institution) who come to help fulfill this mission, through videos of support and commitment to the initiative’s objectives.

The Ambassadors for the 2024 edition have already begun to give their testimony. It’s worth listening and sharing what everyone has to say. All the videos are being made available on the Operation’s website through a playlist available on the YouTube channel of the Informal Group on Media Literacy (GILM) , the operation’spromoter .

João Lopes (digital leader), Augusto Mateus (RTP journalist and Nelson Mandela biographer), Miriam Andrade and Rafaela Teixeira (ENTR content creators) are some of the faces who have accepted the title of Ambassadors for Operation 7 Days with the Media 2024.

They will be joined by institutional representatives who will seek to share the Operation across borders, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries. Pedro Brinca (Advisor to the Secretary of State for Social Communication in East Timor) takes the operation up to East Timor, Karine Andrade (member of the Regulatory Board of the Media Authority) to Cape Verde, José Luís Fernandes (member of the Board of Directors of the Angolan Media Regulatory Authority) to Angola.

The ambassadors will also include representatives of the institutions that are part of GILM and/or its Advisory Council: André Sendin (President of the School of Social Communication), David Xavier (Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), Luísa Ribeiro Lopes (Chairman of the .pt Board of Directors), Manuela Pargana Silva (National Coordinator of the School Libraries Network), Regina Duarte (Commissioner of the National Reading Plan 2027 and responsible for coordinating the National Media Literacy Plan), Rita Rola (Member of the Regulatory Board of the Media Regulatory Authority). These names will be joined by others that will be revealed throughout the week of the Operation.

It should be remembered that the idea of ambassadors originated in 2020, during the special edition of Operation 7 Days with the Media at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, GILM created the figure of the “Voices of the initiative”, people who, in their own name or on behalf of institutions with a mission/interest in promoting media literacy, joined a very special edition from their homes. In the 2023 edition, the idea was taken up again and three ambassadors were presented!

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