7th National Meeting on Media Education on May 9, 2024 – Registration now open!


Next day May 9, 2024 – the final day of Media Week and Europe Day – will see the 7th National Meeting on Media Education, with the theme “Young people, social networks, disinformationand intolerance“, an initiative of the Directorate-General for Education in partnership with the Grupo Informal de Literacia Mediática, TSF Rádio Notícias, Jornal PÚBLICO and PÚBLICO na Escola, Agrupamento Escolas Vila Nova da Barquinha and Centro de Formação A23.

The meeting will have a hybrid format, online (DGE zoom platform) and face-to-face (Auditorium of the D. Maria II School of Vila Nova da Barquinha).

Following on from meetings held in previous years, this year’s event calls on young people and the school community to reflect on the phenomena of disinformation and intolerance, as they represent complex and interconnected challenges for democracy in Europe and around the world.

Tackling all these challenges requires a multifaceted approach that involves strengthening media literacy, promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue, combating discrimination and defending fundamental democratic values such as freedom of expression, equality and the rule of law. Only through coordinated and collaborative efforts can we hope to mitigate the negative effects of these phenomena and protect the health of our democracies.

As part of the 12th edition of Operation “7 Days with the Media”, whose theme is ” Hate Speech and Peace in Times of War”, the National Meeting on Media Education has the following objectives:

  • Develop awareness among school-age audiences of the risks of excessive use of social networks as sources of information
  • Raising young people’s awareness of the importance of journalism and getting information from journalistic sources
  • Awareness of the need to develop skills aimed at preventing the adoption of intolerance-identifying behaviors
  • Acquire knowledge of tools to identify disinformation content
  • Contextualize disinformation as a threat to democracy and Europe’s founding values

This meeting is aimed at students and teachers from different levels of education who are involved or interested in the subject. In addition to the media field, this meeting also involves the collaboration and coordination of the Human Rights and Security, Defense and Peace fields.

It is certified as a 6-hour Short-Term Training Course under Order 5741/2015 of May 29, for the purposes of progression in the teaching career: kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and special education teachers.

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